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Air conditioning and Refrigeration systems, like other machines, depreciate with time and if not properly maintained, progressively lose efficiency, consume more power, and cause a lot of Inconvenience in today’s world. With proper maintenance, an Air-conditioning and Refrigeration system can retain its' efficiency to a great extent. Studies reveal that with regular tune-ups a unit can maintain up to 95% of its original efficiency. The cost of a periodic tune -up is recovered very quickly in savings on the customer’s monthly power bill and hence reducing the running and repair costs.

Why Aircare?

What sets the Aircare workforce apart from its competitors is that the Aircare Workforce has been trained extensively in customer management skills, apart from their prerequisite technical skills which makes Aircare a dedicated customer centric organization

A large pool of qualified refrigeration engineers ensure system optimization to deliver maximum energy efficiency, perfect air distribution and indoor ambience. Our well-equipped service engineers deliver industry leading performance and ensure customers with expert cooling solutions services.

The Primary Standard Maintenance contracts and solutions offered by Aircare Enterprises are:

1. Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Contract:

This comprehensive contract includes all labor, spares and consumables, including routine preventive maintenance and attending to break downs.

2. Scheduled Preventive Inspection Contract:

This contract includes labor for only routine preventive maintenance and attending break downs. The spares and consumables are separately charged.

3. Operation Contract:

This is a pure labor contract. The operators are stationed for single, double, round the clock or 365 days shift, depending on your needs. They regularly monitor the operating status.

Aircare's primary focus on effective after sales service and efficient service team encompasses its customers and partners with the best service in the Air Conditioning Industry. On opting for a Service Solution from Aircare Enterprises, our customers avail the following advantages:

#PERSONNEL: Our engineers and technicians are intensively trained to handle the costly, sophisticated air conditioning equipment.

#PRIORITY SERVICE: All customers who opt for our annual service solutions are offered priority service, so that your calls get attended quicker and the system is up faster.

#PREVENTIVE CHECKS: Under all our service solutions, we offer preventive maintenance checks which help in identifying problems early, preventing costly down times.

#GENUINE SPARES: By opting for our service solution, you are assured of genuine spares that will go a long way in ensuring high uptime for your system.

#EXTENDED LIFE: Genuine Spares and regular maintenance help in extending the life of your system.

#SEASONAL SETTINGS: In summer, you would prefer lower temperatures and when the climate is cold you often feel the need to change your settings to higher temperatures. Before the onset of a season, our engineers calibrate the air conditioning system to suit.

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