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Toshiba Residential & Light Commercial Product

Wall Split System

Innovative technology, ingenious features and attractive design - Toshiba's High-Walls raise the standard of air conditioning yet again with a new level of comfort. Comfort comes with the whisper-quiet operation and optimum airflow management system, whilst the new Toshiba IAQ filtration system ensures you to breathe only pure air.

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Active double-step Plazma Air Purifier with silver ions. Air filter covers 53% of heat exchanger and removes impurities 10 times faster than ordinary filter. DAISEIKAI has been developed in compliance with air purifier standard (JEM 1467, Japan)

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Multi Split System

Whatever the weather, Toshiba Multi-Split System deliver the ultimate in climate control. One compressor can serve up to four interior units for exceptional flexibility, economy and reliability under Toshiba's Total Quality System. When it is necessary to air condition more than just one room, the line-up of Toshiba’s multi-split systems can be a perfect solution. One outdoor unit is capable of operating 2, 3, 4 or even 5 indoor units, indoor styles are designed to compliment the interior of many homes.

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Light Commercial Air Conditioners

Anyone who manages a commercial business, an office, a medical practice or any other business activity normally strives to obtain services and structures that offer the best return of your investment. With the new Digital and Super Digital Inverter air conditioners, Toshiba perfectly satisfies this requirement. With the advantages of vector IPDU inverter technology, Toshiba provides the market with the best options in terms of operating costs, maintenance and flexibility.

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Console Air-conditioners

Console (floor-ceiling) units can be used for low-wall or ceiling suspended mounting. They incorporate the latest Toshiba technology and are ideal for residential applications, but also for offices and shops. The stylish console and ceiling-suspended units blend unobtrusively with any room decoration, thanks to their elegant design. Toshiba console air conditioners feature New IAQ filter that deodorizes air and inhibits the activity of harmful bacteria and viruses.

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Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioner (WAC) is a type of AC that's installed into a window of a room and designed to cool that specific room. An evaporator coil cools the interior while a condenser coil releases hot air outside. Window air conditioners work by removing both heat and humidity, in addition some models can heat a room. Window air conditioner is a most economical choice for cooling. It is much easier to install than high-wall or central air conditioner. Room air conditioners can also be built into the wall for a more permanent installation.

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