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Toshiba VRF System


The Toshiba VRF systems are the perfect answer to all these requirements and are increasingly used as an alternative to traditional water based heating and cooling systems.
There are three Toshiba VRF system ranges:

Toshiba MiNi-SMMS is a small VRF system (up to 9 indoor units, up to 15 kW) suitable for light commercial and residential applications. It was designed to bridge the gap between the versatile multi-split systems and the larger capacity of the SMMS.

Toshiba SMMS (Super Modular Multi System) is the most advanced heat pump system on the market offering a COP of 4.25 in its 22.4kW size. Units are available with capacities from 14 to 135 kW in cooilng and from 16 to 150kW in heating, and their exceptional efficiency permits a reduction of up to 50% in annual energy consumption.

Toshiba SHRM 3-pipe VRF system introduces important innovations with the possibility to provide simultaneous heating and cooling to different zones or rooms. The compact flow selector enables the system to heat and cool simultaneously and can be used in restricted spaces. The cooling capacity range is from 22.4 to 84 kW and the heating capacity range from 25 to 95 kW. Up to 48 indoor units can be connected to a single system.

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